Kathak is the only Indian dance style which grew side by side of Hindustani music, combining both hindu and Muslim /Islamic cultural influences and at the same time trying its best to retain its identity and integrity of classical structure. In this, the intricacies of beat measured rhythm, is explored extensively compared to other dance forms. In no other dance form the impact of footwork and tinkling of ankle bells are so pronounced and replicate so clearly, the chosen rhythmic pattern of bols.  Another unique characteristics is, the dancer need not get tied down to prearranged rhythmic pattern, she is given infinite freedom to shuffle the accents (prefixed) and weave new patterns based on her mood or audience reaction more commonly known as the khula naach, but she cannot stray from its grammar.

In the same way, the bodily bearing figuration, and movement are so well designed with the flow of layas that even a simple chaal by a dancer attuned personality, makes it more appealing and graceful. Even a dancer of mediocre physical charm blooms, glitters and takes you to the fascinating world of rhythmic excitement and visual attraction. This joy giving dynamic and aural vision, that makes kathak authentic and adorable.